The Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (H.O.L.A.S.) is a non-profit student-run organization based in Ottawa. Founded in 2007, H.O.L.A.S. has become the largest network of Latin American youth in the capital. We are proud to be a grassroots non-lucrative organization with a dual mission of cultivating Latin American culture within the local community. Our organization also provides funding for humanitarian development initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have raised up to $50,000 for a variety of development projects in South and Central America.




H.O.L.A.S was established in 2007 by a collective of new students from Latin America who were motivated by the desire to create a space where they could share and express their ideas in an atmosphere that celebrated the "cultura latina."  Their motivation to create a club was strongly fuelled by a sense of social responsibility, to help communities from back home all while creating a community, a home, here at Carleton University.  They launched initiatives where they could provide humanitarian aid through partnerships with various Canadian- and Latin American-based organizations and celebrate the diversity and culture of Latin America within the framework of this humanitarian sense of social responsibility.

Through the efforts of its core founders: Gloria, Doris, Jorge, José and Eduardo - HOLAS began to attract students of a variety of nationalities who collaborated together to develop activities to celebrate Latin American culture. These include sharing languages beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish and Portuguese discussion groups and lessons; salsa dance lessons for all levels; movie nights showcasing a variety of films made in and/or about Latin America; and intramural football (soccer).

In addition to regular cultural activities, H.O.L.A.S. specializes in cultural events through which money can be fundraised for humanitarian projects in Latin America. These events are the foundation of any humanitarian mission H.O.L.A.S. undertakes, as it strives to help and give back to many of the diverse communities within Latin America. 

Presently, H.O.L.A.S. is fortunate to have over 200 members who contribute to H.O.L.A.S. by engaging, sharing, participating, volunteering and being actively involved.

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our Mission

The way in which we wish to achieve our vision can be summarized by these following statements:

  1. Provide humanitarian aid in an altruistic manner.

  2. Create a bridge between HOLAS and Latin America providing aid in areas of food, shelter, clothing and education.

  3. Engage students to promote Latin American culture to those who are interested.

  4. To raise awareness of current humanitarian issues in Latin America.

Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students
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